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Why do we choose poker to play? There is no exact answer for this question. So many people play this card game, so many reasons there are. While it is an entertainment for some players, it is a professional activity for the others; it can serve as the pastime as well as the developmental tool for the intellectuals; some players have recently discovered this game while the others cannot imagine their life without it anymore.

Poker has managed to become the integral part of some countries' cultures and has made them world-known though there are also those who do not welcome this game and are of the same mind.

Why do some people disapprove poker? The reason for it is the widespread opinion that poker belongs to the gambling that depends on the player's success and good luck. Due to this belief, it is impossible to foretell whom the fortune smiles this time on. Gambling of the first water, is not it?

Though the poker admirers admit the presence of the obligatory success and luck while dealing with the cards, they are strictly convinced that their skills and professionalism are a lot to do with the victory. The strategy that is chosen by the poker player at the beginning means much and it is the very condition that leads him/her to the true victory.

The goal that is pursued by our poker school is to uncover the hidden charm of this card game and to make people who are far from this art of card game closer to it. Moreover, it is not without the purpose. We are ready to convince you in it, citing the strong arguments for poker playing.

Reason 1: Mode of behaviour and strategy

Poker surprisingly combines the principles of the ordinary logical thinking that is typical for all people and the deep educational strategy with the social and economic processes. However, it makes no difficulty to become the professional poker player.

This game obligatory involves the mathematical thinking, problem-solving, psychological skills and strategic models. Moreover, the players are to possess the coldness in thoughts and emotions with the prudence and calculation abilities. Our arguments: Poker has great influence on the everyday life; it is quite possible to reflect the understanding of the basic poker principles, simplifying the problem solving in the everyday life.

It is not the full list of the important and necessary qualities and values that can be achieved in the result of the poker playing. This game helps to elicit positive experience that can be implied in the personal life, business and in the plan making strategy. As opposed to the ordinary poker, the computer version is a complicated combination of the economic model, development of the strategic model of behaviour and the computer game itself. Nevertheless, similar to the ordinary poker game, its advantage is unquestionable for those, who manage to learn the system.

Reason 2: Popularity guarantees the preference

The negative attitude towards this game as well as the poker admirers is quite widespread; it can come from the society that is always around you: from the strangers and what is more offensive, from the nearest and dearest. The reason for this disapproving reaction is the opinion that poker is just a gambling that requires the fortune only.

People, who grasp the main principles of poker, arrive at the conclusion that this game complies with the basic system that is common for all sports. Those poker admirers, who seize the skills of poker, are able to reach great success in this card game, but not without the talent and abilities, of course.

What is more, poker gives the chance to each of its players. If you show persistence, mind craft, quickness of wit and talent, you will probably gain the repute of the merited player. It is worthy to note that your own talent and mind can make you a top player without special public relations.

If you are not intended to become the professional poker player, you can regard it as a good mind developing indoor hoppy to pass your free time. Poker can be a good entertainment as the cinema, skating-rink or any other your favourite pastime but without any budget expenditures. This game does not only amuse the players and adorns the free time; it also brings its fans together.

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